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Electrical Inspections

Cumming, GA residents, make sure your electrical service is done properly. Despite the dangers, not all “electricians” know what they are doing, or they just don’t care. It is important to receive your electrical service  from licensed professionals who will take the time to perform quality work. Much of the time, the wrong circuit breakers are installed. Of course, proper breaker installation is required by your panel manufacturer, Underwriters Laboratories, and of course the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency), but this does not always happen. Using the wrong breakers can cause damages to your electrical equipment and homes. Sometimes rejuvenation is all that is required rather than a full panel replacement. Rejuvenation consists of new manufacturer required breakers, new connections inside your equipment and full panel labeling that tells you what each breaker does.

This is why it’s important to hire someone that really knows what they’re doing. Our master electricians in Cumming GA have a keen eye for detail and don’t take any shortcuts.

  • Assessing the need for Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors:
    • These days, most homes are heated by a gas furnace, have a wood/gas burning fireplace as well as a gas water heater.
    • The majority of homes lack a carbon monoxide detector.
    • Carbon monoxide/smoke detector combos are available to replace your standard smoke detector. This allows you to have carbon monoxide detectors in key areas of the home.
    • These detectors use a female voice to alert you of smoke and carbon monoxide that is in your house. There are two main benefits to using a voice instead of a beep:
      • Tests show that more people wake up to a voice rather than a beeping noise.
      • The voice tells you whether smoke or carbon monoxide has been detected so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.


  • Checking all standard outlets and functionality of all switches:
    • Have you ever needed to wiggle an outlet or a switch? This can be a problem. Sometimes a device can become faulty inside an outlet or a switch. Other times the wires were never properly tightened.
    • When a home is being built, many electricians focus more on quantity instead of quality. This causes them to take shortcuts so they can get more done faster. A common shortcut is called a “back stab” on the outlet. This takes place when the wire has been stripped out and plugged into the back of the outlet in clips; Over time, these clips become loose, which in turn loosens the wires.
    • When this occurs, most of the outlets begin to melt or catch on fire.


  • Inspecting all attics, basements/crawl spaces:
    • Many service companies do not do their job properly. Attics, basements and crawl spaces often have wires that have not been installed properly. Sometimes the wrong box or cover is used which creates a fire hazard.


  • Smoke Detectors become faulty or unresponsive:
    • To ensure functionality, smoke detectors should be replaced every 7-10 years.
    • Over time, smoke detectors collect dust.
    • Dust blocks the sensors inside the smoke detector, preventing it from sensing smoke.
    • Every home should have 110 volt battery backup smoke detectors. These can be easily added to older homes with zero damage to the walls. They also make wireless smoke detectors. When one of these goes off, it sends a signal to the others making them go off too.


  • What to Look For:
    • How old is your house?
    • Have your smoke detectors turned yellow?
    • Have you had any work done to your home? (heating/cooling, paint, floors, carpets, pest control, older appliances/light fixtures?)
    • Do any bulbs blow out of your light fixtures?


Call the Socket Doctors for electrical inspections on your home or business. We have all of your electrical service Cumming GA covered!

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